English Afternoon Tea -Gallery

All of the baking images displayed in our gallery have been taken during baking courses where the student has been involved in the preparation. Please scroll down.





"I spent five days at Carolyn's house and took lessons in baking and English tea for four or five hours everyday.  On the last day of my lesson we held an English tea party at her friend's wonderful house.  My experience with Carolyn was much more satisfactory than I expected.

During her lessons I learnt the real significance of authentic English baking.  Her hand-made cakes were very delicate and have the rich flavor of the materials.  I believe we Japanese who have delicate sense for foods would be fully satisfied with them.

In addition, she is very bright and full of concern for others, she always took care of me on all fronts, not only on the efficient and enjoyable lessons but also on various helps such as the tour guide.  She is also accustomed to communicating with people who don't speak English as their mother language, so I can recommend her to the people from non-English speaking countries as the best instructor.

I met her through an agent in Japan and the agent fee was surprisingly expensive.  If I have another chance to learn baking or English again in UK, I will contact her directly  without hesitation.  Again I believe she is an ideal tutor!"


"What a treat you gave me!  Thank-you for having me in your home for three very baking intense days!

My children loved all the goodies, particularly the chocolate cake. Will have to make one soon!
I wish you all the luck with this venture. It was an informative and wonderful experience".


"I thoroughly enjoyed your hospitality during my three- week study period in UK.  Thanks again for the wonderful time.  Lots of laughs, lots of sights to see, lots of knowledge but best of all the pleasure of studying with you".


"We had a great day and learnt lots-we came away feeling that we had squeezed in as much as possible which was great, just as we had hoped!"

Jerry & Wesley

"I really appreciate you teaching me about your country and it's culture.
Thank you for making a memorable experience".


"I just want to say thank you very much for that time.
I had great time with you".